Order Terms

Turnaround time is routinely about 1-3 months. Actual time may depend on complexity of starting materials.

Outcomes are dependent on nature and quality of starting materials. You will be advised on any concerns we may have related to samples quality after QC tests, and every effort will be made to obtain the best possible results.

Confidentiality: All data and materials derived from these services are the physical and intellectual property of the purchaser and will be held strictly confidential by MiLaboratory.

Payment terms: Net 30 days upon delivery of service report.

Payment method: By Wire Transfer.

Important note: We are not permitted to accept any starting material which is infectious for humans, animals or plants. In case starting material is not infectious but is derived from or related to a pathogen, please provide us with an official statement from your organization confirming that "materials to be received are (i) non-infectious and (ii) provided for scientific research by common methods for the purpose of future development of detection, diagnostic tests and treatment of infectious diseases by the ordering party".

How to order MiLaboratory service

To estimate an order price, discuss service related details and place an order, please contact us via service@milaboratory.com to specify the service you desire, order size, brief description of samples you plan to provide, cells or RNA amount(s) and source(s), output results you desire, special instructions.

MiLaboratory Service manager will contact you within a few days. After clearing up all details of the service of your interest, we will send you a Price Quote via e-mail.

To initiate the order, we will need to receive a copy of the related Purchase Order (PO) via service@milaboratory.com.


We accept RNA isolated by any standard method in GenTegra/RNAstable tubes or cellular lysate in RLT® buffer (QIAGEN) in 1.5 ml screw-cap conical microcentrifuge tubes sealed with parafilm.

IMPORTANT for safe and fast delivery:

The tubes must have printed labels.

Description of samples in the shipping documents may vary depending on country requirements. It is essential to mention "scientific research samples" and "have no commercial value". Please do not mention "medical", "diagnostic", "biological" or "ethanol" anywhere in the shipping documents.
Please contact us before sending samples.

Please DO NOT send the materials via FedEx due to limitations on delivery of any chemical substances via this carrier to Russian Federation.
Please DO NOT send samples on dry ice or blue ice as such packages require special customs handling and otherwise will not be delivered.