Monkey TCR kit

The Monkey TCR Kit is designed for unbiased amplification of TCR alpha and beta cDNA libraries using 5’RACE with unique molecular identifiers (UMI) incorporated within template switch oligo. 5’RACE UMI technique allows for exact quantification of template cDNA molecules, control for input bottlenecks, and accurate normalization of samples for comparisons of repertoire diversity and overlap metrics.

The kit includes a set of oligonucleotides sufficient to prepare TCR alpha and beta cDNA libraries starting from 24 RNA samples.

The Monkey TCR Kit allows to start with high quality RNA derived from sorted or purified T cells, peripheral blood leukocytes, or T cell-containing tissue.

The kit is designed for TCR repertoire profiling of the following species:

The kit is compatible with Illumina® Unique Dual Indexes to protect from cross-sample contamination.

MiXCR Pro GUI included for UMI-based correction and counting, repertoire extraction and comparative post-analysis.

Please contact us with any questions related to the kit and data analysis: