4 November, 2019
MiXCR Immune Repertoire Analyzer version 2.1.11 is available at Illumina BaseSpace™
MiXCR, is now officially available as an Illumina BaseSpace application. “We are excited to work with MiLaboratory to offer their MiXCR pipeline on BaseSpace™ Sequence Hub”, said Kevin Meldrum, VP Product Development at Illumina. “We believe that this tool greatly complements our suite of bioinformatics pipelines and will help streamline analysis options for AmpliSeq™ for Illumina customers.”

25 June, 2019
MiLaboratories LLC signed collaborative agreement with MIODx
MiLaboratories LLC and MIODx, a well-known immunosequencing specialist, announced a collaboration agreement to expand the provision of services and product development. The companies will offer contract research projects in all applications related to sequencing-based probing of human and animal adaptive immune systems. Offered in the US and Europe, wet lab and dry lab services will range from sample preparations and library constructions to advanced analytics and reporting. More details here.

21 June, 2019
MiLaboratory opens a US-based office
MiLaboratories LLC, registered in the United States, will become a MiLaboratory platform for more efficient penetration of the US and European markets. MiLaboratories LLC will offer a full range of bioinformatics services developed by MiLaboratory. This expansion will allow the company to reach and better serve existing and prospective customers.

11 October, 2017
MiLaboratory publishes MiXCR RNA-Seq mode
MiXCR now allows you to efficiently extract immune repertoires from bulk RNA-Seq data, yielding near-complete TCR repertoires from sorted T cells and abundant information on intratumoral immunoglobulin repertoires.

21 June, 2016
MiLaboratory is awarded a Skolkovo Foundation grant
MiLaboratory has been awarded a grant of 5 million rubles from the Skolkovo Foundation to develop its immunosequensing software project.

24 November, 2015
MiLaboratory became a Skolkovo participant
MiLaboratory’s application was approved by the expert panel and the company became a member of Skolkovo Foundation BioMed Cluster community.

20 July, 2015
MiLaboratory team wins the 1st place in the OMICS 2015 Big Data
in Biomedicine startup contest

MiLaboratory team with an immunosequensing software project was awarded the first place and a 5 million rubles prize package at the OMICS 2015 Big Data in Biomedicine startup contest backed by IT and BioMed Clusters of Skolkovo Foundation and EMC Corporation. The most promising innovative projects in the area of processing and analysis of Big Data in biomedicine were selected from 32 applicants.